Studio Policies


Private piano lessons are provided on a weekly basis. (Fortnightly arrangements may be made under certain circumstances).   Lesson lengths available are 

20 minutes: For Younger Beginners

30 minutes: Ages 7+

45 minutes:  Ages 11+

60 minutes: Ages 11+

Lessons take place in the Music Room in the teacher’s home.   Lessons available are Piano and Music Theory.  

Lessons are prepared each week and students are encouraged to contact me throughout the week with any questions. A quick Zoom chat is now available at a mutually convenient time.

For Very Young Beginners a parent/guardian will need to present for the lesson as they will be guiding the practice in the week.   Videos of various activities can be recorded in the lesson on the parent’s phone/tablet to help.

Please attend your lesson with  all your relevant music and tutor books.


Home occupants and family pets

The following people may be present in the home where lessons take place, or may be coming in and out of the entrance hallway.

My husband and my teenage children and my sister.

There may be occasions where my husband will be working in the living room which leads into the Music Room. The living room and Music room are divided by double doors and there is an inside window to the Music Room looking in from the Hallway.  On occasions in the summer the blinds in the music room may be closed, but there is no obstruction of view from the inside window.  

The toilet facilities are upstairs at the top of the landing.  There is no hand rail. Therefore young children will need to be supervised going up and down the stairs if they need to make use of the facilities. Everyone is reminded to take care on the stairs.

The main bathroom will have small hand towels for use.   Please take a clean hand towel from the box on the window sill and after use place in the red box on the ottoman labelled dirty towels.

We have 2 pets in the home- one cat and one small dog, with a medium sized dog sometimes visiting.    During teaching hours the dog will be in the back of the house behind the kitchen.  There are times when the cat may be outside at the front.



Lesson Changes Due to Covid-19

Due to the global pandemic there are changes in protocol for face to face lessons.

Very Young Beginners:

Parents/Guardians must be present for the younger beginners lessons. Please follow the protocols below regarding entering the house and Music Room

All Pupils

Where at all possible, only the pupil to enter the house and Music Room. The living room may occasionally be available for students to wait until a prior lesson is finished.

From age 10 only the pupil to enter the premises (unless it is a new pupil, then follow the guidelines for Youngest Beginners).   Please wait outside until you are called in. 

On entering the house please use the hand sanitizer provided. We will be carrying out temperature checks for every person entering the house.   Afterwards please follow the teacher through to the music room.  Avoid touching the door handles if at all possible.

On Leaving the house please use the hand sanitizer. 

The main bathroom will be available if needed.   Please note that there is hand wash and hand sanitizer to use.  There are small hand towel on the window sill in a white and green tray.  Please use one of these towels. When you have finished place the towel into the red basket on the ottoman labelled “dirty towels”.

 Parents are requested to please be punctual in picking up their child.


Due to clinical vulnerability I will be continuing from Sept 2021 to wear masks in lesson times.   I leave the choice for individual students to decide if they wish to wear masks or not.

Lateral Flow Tests

In the spirit of providing a Covid-19 safe environment as possible, I will be taking Lateral Flow Tests twice a week.  If results are ever positive I will be offering online lessons only for a short time in this instance

Attendance/non attendance requirements

If the pupil is in anyway unwell, please do not send them to the Music Studio.  If the student presents with any of the following they must NOT attend a face to face lesson.  If they have not attended school that day, they must not attend a face to face lesson.

  • A new cough
  • Temperature
  • Flu-like symptoms

If student or a family member has the following please do not attend a face to face lesson

  • Stomach upset, including diarrhoea and vomiting

You need to be 48 hours symptom free before attending a face to face lesson.

If the student is feeling well enough, but has symptoms for the above criteria, then a Zoom lesson will be arranged or a catch up face to face lesson at a mutually convenient time.


Performance Opportunities and Recitals. 

There are two opportunities in each academic year for students to perform in a concert- A Christmas Concert and a Summer Concert.   All pupils are invited to perform in a safe, secure and supportive environment.  The concerts are videoed and edited, with a complimentary DVD given to all who performed. 

Currently due to Covid-19 our concerts have not been able to take place.  We are hoping to find a venue and provide a Christmas Concert in 2021. 

Attendance And Cancellation Policy

Please attend your lessons promptly and leave promptly. 

If you are unable to attend a lesson for any reason you will be offered the following options.

  • A catch- up lesson at a mutually convenient time
  • A Zoom lesson if you are unable to attend due to illness described above
  • A lesson in credit for your next block booking

I do not charge a cancellation fee. I recognise that life happens to us all and either party may need to re-arrange at short notice. See attached contract for parents/ adult students to sign



Term Dates and Teaching Availability

Lessons are available in term -time with the view of  a day or two of each half term set aside for catch -up sessions if required. 

There is no teaching available over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

In the Summer holidays lessons will be available on 2 days a week* (except where the teacher is on holiday).  Advance bookings to secure your place for each week is recommended. These lessons ensure that you continue to make progress over the summer holiday.

Lessons Fees Structure

Lessons are offered on a Pay as You Go (PAYG) basis and in block bookings of 5 lessons.  Block bookings receive a discount.  All lessons will be invoiced once a month (discount offer) or once a week.   The invoices now link to the portal and ALL PAYMENTS must be made online, by clicking the payment box on the invoice.

Lesson length (Minutes)

Pay as You go

Block 5  Lesson Booking (Discount)













Lesson fees include the lesson, access to  the My Music Staff portal and the opportunities to perform in 2 concerts a years.   

Additional Costs and Termly Studio Fees

 Parents/ students pay for resources such as

  • Recommended Tutor Books
  • Exam fees as appropriate
  • Termly Studio Fee

 Acknowledging that music lessons can be costly, and considering that no one tutor book will be sufficient to provide a holistic musical education, a termly fee of £12  is charged to cover the costs of extra resource materials, extra repertoire pieces and studio licenses from publishers and the like.  ( There is a reduced fee for additional siblings).

Studio licenses mean that the studio has the privilege of purchasing resources from composers and educational institutions and the like, which can then be distributed to the students registered at the studio free of charge. This provides us with the right to disseminate materials with in copyright law, and parents/students do not need to purchase further resources, effectively keeping the cost of lessons down.


Parental Involvement and Progress Reports.

I encourage parental involvement in the lessons especially with the very young beginners.  (please see your How to Help Your Child in and out of Lessons sheet).  

For those who do not sit in on their child’s lessons, (Covid-19 era ) communication on your child’s progress is delivered through the following means.

  • Written reports at the end of every academic year for pupils.  
  • Target setting Lessons are at the beginning of each term and targets shared with the parents via the My Music Staff Student/Parent Portal.
  •  A Parent’s Consultation Evening is available in middle of the academic year, in the February half term. This will be conducted via Zoom.

Parents are encouraged to contact me throughout the year if necessary. Further meetings can be arranged via Zoom for longer discussions. 


To buy   or not by a piano.

The piano and the keyboard are very different instruments.  Whilst I understand the hesitancy to buy a piano when the student has just started out in case they “don’t take to it”,  it is my belief that having the correct instrument is so important for reinforcing the learning between lessons, with the range that the piano has.

Rather than purchasing an electronic keyboard it is my advice to invest in a digital piano, with 88 weighted keys and a pedal in the first instance.